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Elegance for All

For over 10 years, Joan Dominique has created a unique desirable world that alludes to sensuality, and mature sophistication through her creative endeavors in the world of fashion accessories and wedding dresses. She has carried that aesthetic and imagination to the beauty industry by launching a clean makeup collection ( all products are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free). The original vision of the cosmetic collection was to create products that look amazing on and off the camera for your wedding day; but we thought, “why stop there? These products are for everyday to your wedding day by enhancing your natural beauty and embracing your individuality. Every element and shade of our products is designed to compliment all skin types and tones. Joan Dominique shares her uniquely modern sense of style with millions of women and men across the world, while at the same time encouraging them to be creative with their own personal fashion sense.


Our beauty formulas are designed with ingredients to ensure the right balance between safety, efficiency, and responsibility, producing formulas that are more restrictive that US, Canada, EU and beyond.


None of packaging, formulas, products, or ingredients contain animal derivatives or animal by-products.


We formulate without gluten-derived ingredients. While not proven to cause a reaction in those with gluten sensitivities, this is an extra commitment we take to be mindful of everyone's preferences.


None of our products nor formulas have or ever will be tested on animals


We formulate without parabens, a controversial preservative widely used in the cosmetic industry, because your safety and health is our priority.


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