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Joan Dominique Creative Contributor Spotlight: Isabella Gzonjenelli

Meet creative contributor, Isabella Gzonjenelli. She’s an Albanian-American portrait & fashion photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. 

J : Tell us a little about how you became a photographer?

I:  So my photography journey started when I was a little girl. I just remember having this intense fixation with taking photos. I demanded my dad to hand over the camera to me when he was filming our family videos. I would steal the family camera and do photo shoots with my sisters. We are talking full hair and makeup and carefully thought out backdrops at about the age of 6 or 7. I would watch behind the scenes of Britney Spears’ photo shoots and just being obsessed with the entire process. I finally got a professional camera about 10 years ago and practiced and practiced until 2017 when I started shooting professional models. 

J : Tell us a little about your creative process when photographing a couple.

I: First before the shoot, I like to talk to the couple about the details of their wedding. I like to pick locations or determine styling based off their wedding so it fits with their vision the best. Then I begin researching inspiration so that I have a feeling or mood in mind. On set, I do everything I can to make the couple feel comfortable so I can capture their intimacy and energy between one another as effectively as possible. I like to also keep a shot list so that I stay on track & make sure I get everything they are looking for. 


J: What’s your favorite thing about photographing a wedding ?

I: The raw emotion. Everyone from the couple to immediate families to bridal party & their emotions on the day off is an energy that is unmatched to capture. Watching all the love blanket the couple getting married is really inspiring to witness & be apart of. 

J: What inspires you most as a photographer?

I: As simple as it sounds..light. Capturing the way light dances across a scene is what sets my soul on fire.


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