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How to Prepare for your First Bridal Shopping Appointment

How to Prepare for your First Bridal Shopping Appointment

Click! Now you’ve successfully booked your bridal shopping appointment and you’re finally ready to start searching for the perfect dress with your crew. In order to have a successful shopping appointment, you need to arrive prepared. Not sure what prepared means? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a streamlined list of everything you will need to do before and bring to the actual appointments.

1. Inspiration

The easiest form of communication when shopping is visual; bring many photos on your phone, Pinterest boards, or any other forms of a physical depiction of the mood, style, or texture for you consultant to analyze in order to best serve you. Be sure to tell the consultant who your favorite bridal designer, fashion designer, dress preferences, or other information. If you’re not entirely sure what you are searching for share photos/ information about the wedding location, venue, decoration, colors, theme, flowers, or other details that can help your consultant lead you in the right direction. The more information, the better.

2. Suitable Undergarments

When you're trying on these gorgeous gowns, you want to be feeling your best. And you won’t be feeling brilliant if you’re tucking in your sports bra straps into the strapless sweetheart neckline. In order to avoid that uncomfortable feeling, bring a variation of some undergarments such as a supportive nude bra (strapless or convertible are our top recommendations), seamless underwear (a thong, boy shorts, or some skin-tight high-cut underwear), along with any shapewear you may want to wear underneath the dress. Seems obvious but sometimes bringing the right undergarments to your appointment is overlooked and it makes all the difference when you’re trying on your dresses for the first time— you’ll feel your best!

3. Appropriate Shoes

What came first: the dress or the shoes? Depends on the bride, but our recommendation is choose your shoes first! Go wedding shoe shopping and decide if you are going to wear heels, flats, or sneakers on your big day. Not sure? Bring some similar options to the appointment in order to see what you’re most comfortable in while wearing a gown. This tip is another focusing on comfortable and style, this will affect how you look in your dress with posture and contentment— seemingly minute but a super important detail.

4. Hair ties and Clips

Updo? Lavish Braids? Down & Sleek? Certain dresses will look much nicer appearance with up-dos and vice versa. Have a hairpiece in mind? Bring it! You have have your grandmother’s tiara at home but you don’t know if it will look nice with the dress you are looking at in your appointment. The best way to avoid this debate is to bring the pieces you are debating wearing on the big day with you to your appointment. It will help in bringing your special look all together. Be sure to bring your own hair tools to aid in envisioning you wedding day beauty look.

5. Your Crew

We know everyone and their brother wants to come celebrate your big day with you and be in on all the wedding festivities, but trust us.. there’s such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. Less is definitely more when it comes to selecting the crew to select the perfect dress. Try to keep the crew to under 3 people, you’ll thank us. You can tell everyone you just want to surprise them with the dress on the actual day of the wedding—they’ll be eager to see it.

6. Idea of Budget

Be realistic. Have some kind of idea that you will like to spend on the bride’s attire. We word it this way because your budget will not only include the dress, but also the headpieces, veil, jewelry, gloves, undergarments, garters, shoes, and other details. But if you don’t need to worry about a budget, go nuts.

Have you done everything on this list? Congratulations! You’re officially prepared to have a successful day of wedding dress shopping with your loved ones. Enjoy!


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