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Creating the Bride’s Attire Budget

The “Bride’s Attire”— yes, it’s a weird way to phrase it because the industry usually says “wedding dress budget” but that doesn’t encompass all the hidden costs that may come with it that may cause you spend more than you may want. Creating a budget is the most important aspect of bridal attire (not, just dress) shopping.

PRO TIP: The beauty is in the finishing details & Accessories. The selection and combination of veils, tiaras, headpieces, shoes, gloves, belts, and more is what allows a bride express herself fully through her style. Bridal attire is so much more than just the dress.

In order to have a successful shopping experience, you need to feel comfortable not only in the dresses you are trying on but how much money you are planning on spending.

The Dress $__________

Generally, wedding dresses can start at $1,500 but can also range to $30,000 USD and above. Did you know Serena Willams spent $3.5 million dollars on her Alexander McQueen wedding dress? And that wasn't the only wedding dress she wore throughout that night! Also know, depending where you buy your dress, it will be 60% deposit due at time of purchase or if you are ordering Made-to-Order, it’s 100% due at time of purchase.

Accessories $__________

Like we said, the beauty is in the finishes—in other words, the accessories! This includes the veil, jewelry, tiaras, combs, belts, hair clips, hair pins, bustles, shoes, gloves, garters… the list could go on forever. This area is where a bride can express her personal style most with the combination of pieces. The area of the budget must not be overlooked!

Alterations $__________

This process is unnecessary if you are ordering made-to-measure but if you purchase a standard size dress, you will need alterations. The fit of the dress will be the ultimate factor in making the bride look brilliant on her special day. Generally bridal stores charge $800 for alterations and approximately 3 fittings. This work can take anywhere from 25-45 hours.

Customizations $__________

Most dresses can be customized to be uniquely yours. If you’re planning on adding a personal touch, there is always an additional fee.

Sales Tax $__________

Don’t forget the tax! Every state have varying sales tax anywhere from 4-9% and it is important to factor this into the budget. In addition to shipping costs, if you are planning on shipping your dress out of state. Dresses can be heavy and large, which increases shipping fees to starting out around $125. Keep this detail in mind when creating a concise budget for yourself before you go to the bridal shopping appointment.


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