Welcome to Black Needle Society  


Joan Dominiqué invites you to discover our unique world of bespoke footwear, where under one of our experts guide clients to create every aspect of their unique shoes.




At Joan Dominique, with Bespoke we have the ability to create the shoes of your wildest dreams made specially for you. Our highly trained experts guide you through every aspect of the shoe making process to deliver you the a piece of the ultimate craftsmanship that is only yours and crafted for your feet. Our company does not reproduce the shoe that is created for you for mass purposes, the design is yours.

Joan Dominiqué is the only brand that combines eclectic, sophistication and elegance. Our company began with bespoke, which is why we choose to keep this program alive, but only for a select group of chosen individuals. Craftsmanship and meticulousness is in the DNA of our Joan Domi- niqué designers and artisans, it is what allows our company and product to outshine from the rest.

Due to the time of our experts, crafted to the measurements of your foot, and inability to reproduce for the masses our bespoke items and services inquire for pricing. Additional pricing is reserved for exotics materials and extremely special cases.



The Bespoke process is as follows:

1. Consultation. (in person at location of your choosing) In this appointment, your expert learns more about your goals with your piece and ele- ments of design that you would be open to exploring.

2. The Follow- up. (By phone or in person at location of your choosing) Your designer will now establish 2-3 different elements of design with you and from there, your expert is ready to get sketching.

3. Drafting. In this 1-2 week period, your expert is hard at work creating five powerful versions of your shoes. Based off of the already- established elements, colors, materials, and conversations.

4. Selection. ( 2 revisions of the selected drawing are permitted ) Here you are able to select your version. Once the design and materials are all finalized, we enter the process of creating your one-of-a kind piece. A selection agreement will be given at this time.

5. Creation. This process can take 3-6 months. Depending upon delivery schedules and remakes to ensure you get a piece of quality that stands above the rest.

6. Delivery. Once your shoes have been completed, you will be notified and payment will be collected and we will arrange for their delivery to you. As a special gift from the Joan Dominiqué family, a custom-gallery-framed original sketch of your shoe will presented to you as a collector’s piece.






The Black Needle Society is an extraordinary journey of dictating the garments that adorn you on an intimate level unlike other. Joan Dominiqué is honored to offer this journey of showcasing the ultimate expression of you.